We work strategically and creatively to add value to brands in New Zealand and internationally.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Strategy is Changing

Branding is not about telling ‘stories’ any more. It’s not about throwing money at ‘digital’ comms and FB Likes. Brand is becoming more about authenticy and self assurance. People want to de-clutter. That means taking the care to get the simple things right.

Brand Positioning

Our strategy service is becoming more relevant because we now give our clients a clearer understanding of their position within their marketplace, and show what will enable them to move to a better position. Sometimes it’s as simple as a shift in thinking, or the careful selection of a word or image. In a crowded world it is becoming imperative to make the right impression at carefully chosen touch-points. Each move works towards a market position.

And that is how we have won recent international branding awards.

Brand Strategy services include: Brand Research | Market Positioning | Personality | Staff Engagement | Blueprint™.

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Design & Rollout


Design is being used in new ways now. We bring a brand strategy to life through creative design and verbal messaging. Everything we produce is designed to add brand value and status.


We implement brand across all media and all marketing communications. We work along side your other suppliers as your brand advocate. We are constantly reminding our clients to do it perfectly or not at all. Marketing doesn’t work with a scattergun approach any more; it’s becoming more about doing appropriate things beautifully.

Services include: Logo Design & Visual Identity | Tone of Voice | Graphic Design | Illustration | Brand Guidelines | Digital Media | Advertising

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Web Design

We design, build and manage websites. We code in-house. We work along side other web coders and agencies to ensure correct brand positioning.

Services include: Web Development | UI | Design | Writing | Coding | E-commerce | SEO | Social Media | Site Support.


SILVER – Asia Pacific Transform Branding Awards 2016  (branding)
GOLD – Asia Pacific Transform Branding Awards 2015  (brand/digital)
GOLD – NZ Best Design Awards (illustration)
GOLD – NZ Pride In Print Awards 2016 (book design)
GOLD – Pride in Print Awards (packaging design)
GOLD – AAP Publishing Awards (magazine design)
WINNER – Chill NZ Image Competition
SILVER – Asia Pacific Transform Branding Awards  (brand strategy)

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